Posted: Wednesday 25th May 2022
Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

Welcome to the summer edition of the Herts Careline Newsletter in which we set the wheels in motion to mark our 40th Anniversary this summer. Four decades on, our award-winning community alarm and telecare service continues to provide reassurance, reliability and freedom to Hertfordshire residents. 

We provide assistive technology such as pendant alarms, fall detectors, door sensors, smoke detectors and epilepsy monitors which help those living with medical conditions, old age and vulnerabilities to live more independently in their own homes, in turn providing great reassurance to their families that they are being supported.

Look out for our upcoming reminiscing about how our service has developed over the years, and celebrations in the community press over the summer.

How to make a Referral

You can make a secure Referral via our website email or call 0300 999 2 999 (option 1) for more information.

Types of equipment we offer

•   Community alarm base unit and pendant – the alarm unit sends an alert call to our control centre when the pendant or other sensor is triggered 24/7.

•   Fall detector - the user can either press the button for help or the detector will automatically trigger if it senses a fall.

•   Smoke detector - when the detector senses smoke it automatically sends an alert to the control centre; this can be a potential lifesaver.

•   Stove Guard - a discreet device that sits on the ceiling in the kitchen and cuts off an electric cooker at the source if it gets too hot or if there is a risk of fire, significantly reducing the risk of a fire ever happening.

•   Carbon monoxide detector - if carbon monoxide is sensed, the device alerts the control centre immediately.

•   Ambient temperature monitor - detects abnormal temperatures, or a sudden rise or fall in temperature.

•   Heat sensor - if a significant rise in room temperature is detected, an alarm is triggered.

•   Pill / Medication Dispenser - a carrousel with slots which can be loaded with pills, and can be dispensed at pre-set times each day to remind the person

to take their medication. This can be monitored by our control room.

•   Deaf smoke alarm / vibrating pad - a smoke alarm kit for deaf and hard of hearing people. If a fire is detected the smoke alarm sounds, the strobe light flashes, the pillow pad vibrates, and an alarm call is triggered.

•   Flood detector - to manage the risk of flooding will be managed using a barometric bath or sink plug and / or a flood detector linked to a community alarm.

•   Bed and floor mats - to ensure a person has returned to their chair, bed or room during the day or night.

•   Epilepsy telecare solutions - we have a variety of options available to cope with service users who experience seizures associated with epilepsy or other neurological conditions.

•   Complex Needs Service – a specialist service for those living with dementia, learning disabilities, mobility issues, epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

•   Home and Away Service – a community alarm unit and portable pendant with GPS technology that can be used outside the home and gives our control room a location in the event of emergency.

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If you’re holding team meetings remotely or in person and would like our Marketing and Relationships Officer to attend to explain more about our service, please email You can also request printed Professional or Customer brochures from Stephanie.

Hospital Discharge Service – free community alarm for 6 weeks  
Lister Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Potters Bar and Mount Vernon Hospitals have been provided with plug and play community alarms to patients who are due to be discharged from hospital, to allow them to return home safely and more quickly. In partnership with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), we have provided the hospitals with community alarm and pendant kits which patients can take home free of charge for 6 weeks. Once at home the alarm units can be ‘plugged in’ and connected to our 24/7 Control Room. If the person feels unwell, they can press the pendant and help is on hand straight away. After the 6 free weeks, which is paid for by HCC, the patient can decide whether to subscribe to the service or return the equipment. Other telecare equipment can be connected to the community alarm device if additional risks are identified if they subscribe to the service. We’re keen to help other hospitals in the same way, email if you’d like your hospital to join this system.

Reminder of free service to palliative patients and 5% discount for unpaid carers
Please remember that patients on a palliative pathway can access our service free of charge upon referral. We also offer a 5% discount to unpaid carers as part of the Carers in Herts Passport Scheme.