Posted: Wednesday 20th March 2019

‘Purple Day’ is the international day for epilepsy awareness and falls on the 26 March. During this day, people across the globe come together to raise awareness of the condition and make a difference to the lives of people affected by epilepsy.

In partnership with Independent Living Supplies, Herts Careline provides technology solutions to help young people and adults living with Epilepsy lead more independent lives. There are many different epilepsy monitoring solutions available, including:

• Timed bed alarms – alerting a family member if the user was out of bed, or not back in bed, within a pre-set time.

• Epilepsy alarms – a full range of epilepsy monitoring sensors covering different seizure types – wrist worn and bed based - reducing or removing the requirement for intrusive night checks.

• SmartWatch PT - an easy-to-use, waterproof watch worn for constant monitoring of the onset smart watch2.gifof repetitive shaking movements such as those associated with a convulsive seizure. It instantly alerts family, teachers, carers and Herts Careline 24/7 Control Centre in emergency situations.

• Guardian Monitor - our most advanced epilepsy monitor is designed to support multiple seizure types and used by many schools, universities, hospitals and respite centres because of its easy integration and adaptability.

• Companion Monitor - a bed based monitor for tonic-clonic seizures and convulsive seizures. Alerts go to a hand held pager with a range of 450m or can connect to a Care Alarm which will dial off-site for Herts Careline’s 24/4 Control Centre.

• Companion Mini - a small, digital movement sensor can be applied in some of the most challenging situations when supporting tonic-clonic seizures.

• Pock-iT - a wearable device designed for those with epilepsy whose seizure presents itself through a decreased or raised pulse rate. Pock-iT

We can make it straightforward to choose the right product for the different types of seizures that present themselves. View our Epilepsy Services brochure and call us on 0300 999 2 999 to see how we can help. We can post you a supply of brochures, just ask us.

"Having Assistive Technology from Herts Careline to monitor our Son’s epilepsy at night time, has meant that both my Wife and I can sleep soundly knowing an electronic Guardian is watch over him."