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Supporting you during National Epilepsy Week 2022

Posted: Monday 23rd May 2022
It’s National Epilepsy Week so we want to make sure that we’re doing all we can to share information about how our telecare service is making a difference to many young people and adults living with Epilepsy.

Did you know that we can provide equipment to monitor and support young people and adults living with epilepsy? This can be at home or outside anytime time during the day and night.

We have many years of experience providing epilepsy monitoring equipment to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.  We will carry out a bespoke assessment to establish the correct type of monitoring equipment suitable for the individual and will provide installation and training so that everyone fully understands how the equipment works. The equipment will be linked to a parent or carer’s smart phone, so they are aware when a seizure is occurring. It can also be linked to our Control Room for 24/7 support in case the individual needs emergency help.

 Monitoring equipment offers many benefits:

• Safety, independence and freedom

• Improvements to sleep for the individual, family members and carer as worry is reduced at night

• Reduction in seizures as stress levels are eased

• More independence when outside the home

• Provides parents, carers and teachers with peace of mind

 One of our young customer’s parents shared with us their thoughts on having the Careline service:

 "Having Assistive Technology from Herts Careline to monitor our Son’s epilepsy at nighttime, has meant that both my Wife and I can sleep soundly knowing an electronic Guardian is watching over him."

Referrals can be made to us via an Epilepsy Nurse or other health or social care professional. Email or call 0300 999 2 999 and we’ll take you through the process. Or you can visit our Complex Needs section for more information

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