Posted: Thursday 22nd April 2021

You often ask us questions about your equipment, so let us answer a few now:

• The pendant is waterproof. You can wear it in the shower but please don’t submerge it in the bath
(place it close by when bathing in case you need it)

• Power cuts - there’s a backup battery in the alarm unit which works in a power cut

• Never worry if you press your pendant by mistake - just tell us you’re OK and we’ll reset the alarm from our end

• If you press your pendant and we can’t hear you, for example if you are far away from the unit or in another room / in the garden, rest assured we will receive the call regardless of being able to hear each other. If you don’t reply or we cannot hear what you are saying, then we will always presume you need help and get help for you

• The range of the alarm can be extended by a Repeater box if required 

• Telephone line faults - it is the responsibility of your telephone provider to fix a line fault and unfortunately, we cannot call them on your behalf due to Data Protection issues. If you tell them you have a Careline this should give you a priority in terms of it being fixed. Your alarm may not work until this up and running again so it’s paramount that the fault is dealt with.