Posted: Tuesday 27th August 2019

The kids are back at school soon which means many people are setting off on their 'out of season' holidays. So it might be time to think about the care of those who depend on you whilst you’re away. We all have so many responsibilities, and here at Herts Careline we try and lighten the load by providing a community alarm service which means your loved one can press a button and come through to our 24/7 365 days a week Control Room if they feel unwell or have a fall.

We also provide other sensors and devices which can trigger automatically if they sense a risk if levels of needs are higher. This might be a smoke alarm, fall detector or a flood detector (amongst many other devices) which alert the Control Room automatically if they sense a risk. This means that support is always on hand, and provides much reassurance to families and those they look after.

Take a look through the options available to you and feel free to call us on 0300 999 2 999.