Posted: Thursday 18th January 2024
Herts Careline’s Vivago Care Watch service can monitor a loved one’s health and wellbeing so our control room can aim to alert both the wearer and the family to any changes or worries with certain aspects of their health before they become an issue. It also has an emergency alarm button to summon our help if needed.

The care watch also monitors sleep pattern, daily activity, inactivity and body temperature amongst other factors to build up a picture of the person’s health. Its intention is to spot and alert Herts Careline and family to anything untoward. For example, if the data from the watch show us that a person is less active or that their sleep is disturbed, there might be a medical issue we can discuss with them to determine the right medical attention they need, rather than let it get out of hand or lead to a future more serious health issue.

The service comes with a mobile App so families and carers can check on their loved ones too. Data from the care watch will only be monitored by Herts Careline, trusted family members and / or carers with the user’s express permission.

This service can be offered to both residents living in Hertfordshire, as well as the rest of the UK thanks to our partnership with Living Safely.

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