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Professionals - refer a person for assistive technology


We work closely with health and social care professionals, carers, the NHS, GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists, support groups, community hubs, charities, Hertswise, the Police, Herts Fire & Rescue and other professional referral partners across Hertfordshire to ensure that those in their care receive the reassurance, safety and independence that assistive technology can bring, as quickly as possible.

COVID-19 will not stop us providing our service

If the service user is healthy:         

  • We will visit their home to install their equipment.

If they are self-isolating, shielding or suffering from COVID-19:         

  • We will provide pre-programmed equipment to their doorstep.         
  • We will telephone them (or a family member) to give step-by-step instructions on how to plug in the equipment and make a test call to our Control Room.         
  • We will make an appointment when they have recovered to install any complex equipment which needs our engineers’ expertise.

For every person our engineer visits, they will  be wearing PPE, will use sanitising wipes on surfaces and adhere to social distancing regulations.

Assistive technology

We offer a full range of assistive technology equipment. The majority are connected to our 24/7 control room, and our standalone equipment can be linked to a carer or parent's pager or smart phone instead, if they prefer this option.

Please refer to these options to see how we can best assist your service user.


Make a referral

We'll install assistive technology in your service user’s home, depending on their specific needs as described by you on your referral form.

We will assess and bespoke our services for people with complex needs, epilepsy, dementia, mobility issues or learning disabilities.


There is a substantially subsidised monthly charge of £20 + VAT per month (inclusive of all calls) and the same price as just a community alarm) – this covers the cost of monitoring calls, equipment maintenance and an Emergency Response Service. This is substantially lower than other providers. Our Standalone service is charged at a lower rate. See our price list.

There are no installation or equipment costs and we can have the service in place within 14 days, often sooner in certain circumstances. Access to this service is not means tested.

Free form filling service

Some service users may not have family or friends to help them complete their application form.

If they need help, you can request our free form filling service - just make a note on your referral form.