Posted: Thursday 30th March 2023

We understand that the cost-of-living situation is causing us to all examine our finances. We want to reassure you that your service continues to be subsidised by Hertfordshire County Council, and that we’re doing all that we can to keep the price that you pay to a minimum.

The subsidised price you pay for your Herts Careline service includes:

  • Monitoring and answering of all calls, made from your alarm equipment, by our call operators at our 24/7 Hertfordshire Control Room.
  • All call charges made from your equipment when it is activated (no additional costs on your telephone bill)
  • Emergency Response Service to visit your home to check on you if you’re unable to speak to us when you activate your equipment, or if your contacts are not available to check on you.
  • Onsite and telephone maintenance of your equipment if you experience an issue.
  • Annual service of your equipment.

With our service there are:

  • No upfront costs, equipment or installation charges.
  • No long-term contracts or means testing.
  • No premium rate telephone number costs.

Are you claiming Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is a benefit available for people aged over 65 years who need help at home due to illness or disability. It’s not means tested and currently worth from £61.85 a week to put towards services such as Herts Careline. Find out more by calling their helpline on 0345 605 6055.

Digital Upgrade

It’s unfortunate that our price had to increase for customers who previously used the analogue landline system for their alarm service. Regrettably, this is out of our control because the national telephone networks are upgrading from an analogue to a digital system which has increased our equipment costs. However, all alarm call charges are now incorporated into your monthly charge so there are no additional call charges made on your telephone bill.