Posted: Wednesday 8th November 2023
Herts Careline has invested in life-saving defibrillators for its engineers to bring with them when they're out in the community installing assistive technology equipment. 

If faced with a life-saving situation when installing telecare equipment across Hertfordshire, their engineers, under the instruction of the emergency services, are now equipped with emergency defibrillators to help bring a person back to life.

The award-winning telecare service is part of North Herts District Council and works in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council. Together, they help thousands of residents across Hertfordshire live more independently at home with help on hand 24/7 via their assistive technology equipment which is linked to their control room in Letchworth Garden City.

The act of defibrillation delivers an electrical shock across the chest, to help the heart return to a normal rhythm when a cardiac arrest occurs. The hand-held CellAED devices are approximately the size of a book and will be taken out of the installation and service appointment with the Careline Engineers. When instructed to do so by the emergency services, the device can be ‘snapped’ apart and placed of the chest of an adult, and on the chest and back of a child, potentially saving a life.

Cllr Alistair Willoughby, Executive Member Communities & Partnerships at North Herts Council said: “If a situation arises that engineers are confronted with emergency situations during their installation appointments, they are now equipped to provide support. Looking after our residents' wellbeing is incredibly important to us. Herts Careline always strives to provide innovative solutions for the residents they look after and by having these defibrillators, they are better equipped for incidents during the course of their fantastic and vital work.”

Cllr Dominic Griffiths, Deputy Executive Member Communities & Partnerships at North Herts Council said: "This equipment will help our engineers respond to incidents quickly and make sure that our residents are looked after to the best of our ability."

Defibrillator photo