Posted: Wednesday 5th June 2024

If you’re planning a holiday this summer, and usually have caring responsibilities for a family member at home, you may be concerned about the support they might need to ensure they are safe and well whist you’re away. It's understandable to be worried about an older person at home while you're on holiday. Here are some things you can do to ease your worries:

  1. Prepare - before you go on holiday, make sure your loved one has everything they need. Could someone pop in to check on them - a friend, neighbour, or family member perhaps.

  2. Consider a formal carer - would your loved one benefit from a more formal care-giver to check on them regularly, ensuring that they have enough medication and food, and making sure that their home is safe and secure. This need only be until you’re home.

  3. Ensure their medication is topped up - if your loved one takes medication, ensure that they have a sufficient supply and remind them to take their medications as prescribed. Plan repeat prescriptions until you’re home.

  4. Keep in touch - plan a time to call them whilst you’re away, as they may well be as worried about you as you are them! You could even send them photos via messaging Apps if they’re used to technology.

  5. Consider adaptations to their home - if they have mobility or safety needs, consider making modifications to their living areas to ensure their safety and wellbeing. This could include installing grab bars, removing tripping hazards, or rearranging furniture.

  6. Keeping busy - encourage them to join in with community or solo activities that interest them, whether it's reading, watching television, puzzles, or socialising with friends.

  7. Could a pendant alarm button help? We could provide a community alarm and pendant which means they have help on hand at the press of a button 24/7 whilst you take a much-deserved adventure or break! Find out more.

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