Posted: Thursday 14th September 2023

Herts Careline is pleased to announce it has appointed The British Red Cross (BRC) to deliver a county wide response service for monitored service users using its community alarm and telecare service. This response service is available for every customer on the Careline service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to perform vital welfare checks and assistance to those in vulnerable situations.

The BRC Responder Service is there to provide a response when an informal responder such as a family member or neighbour is unavailable. When those who use the Herts Careline service press their pendant alarm, if our control room receives no verbal response from them or if they cannot determine the exact reason for the call, the call operators will ask an informal responder to attend. But if that person doesn’t have someone we can call on, BRC will be sent to the person’s home to check on them to make sure we can get them the right help.

BRC will attend their home within 60 minutes, assess the reason why an alarm was raised, deal with the situation as appropriate and, if necessary, call the Emergency Services. They will also report back to Careline. This element is important to the Herts Careline service as it is there to provide support, peace of mind and assistance to ensure the most appropriate response is delivered and to help prevent service-users advancing to a crisis point where more critical intervention may be needed. We’re delighted to be working with BRC on this critical role.

Herts Careline will always call the emergency services if there is an emergency.

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