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Herts Careline’s assistive technology equipment can help to manage a wide range of risks to a person in the home. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following issues, there are many ways we can help support their independence at home via discreet equipment.

Risk: Someone is prone to falls

Careline can offer: A fall detector which will trigger automatically if it senses a fall and will send an alert to our control room who will provide help. We can also offer movement sensor night lights to help prevent trips or falls in the dark, plus bed sensors to alert for help if someone doesn’t make it back to the bed if they get up in the night.

Risk: A person is likely to wander and forget their way home

Careline can offer: Monitored door alarms which activate between certain times to alert us if someone is leaving their home - for instance after dark. Also, our Home and Away service which is a portable pendant including a GPS locator and mobile phone technology. The person can press the pendant for help and speak to our control room. We also receive a location so we know where they are and can help them back to safety or inform a nominated family member or the emergency services if required.

Risk: Someone often leaves a cooker unattended or forgets that the cooker is being used

Careline can offer: A smoke detector that alerts the control room if it senses smoke. We will summon the Fire Brigade if there is a fire.

Risk: A person smokes in bed, is forgetful and is a risk of a domestic fire

Careline can offer: Smoke detectors linked to our control room which trigger automatically when they sense excessive heat or smoke. We will summon the Fire Brigade if there is a fire.

Risk: A poorly maintained or old gas boiler creates a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Careline can offer: A carbon monoxide monitor linked to our control room which will alert us automatically when it senses carbon monoxide in the property.

Risk: An adult or child experiences seizures associated with epilepsy or another neurological condition

Careline can offer: Epilepsy telecare solutions linked to an appropriate response day and night, and at home or away from home. There are a wide variety of options available for people who experience seizures associated with epilepsy or another neurological condition. We would complete a complex needs assessment at the person’s home to discuss and advise on the most appropriate solutions to meet the specific risks and needs.

Risk: Someone doesn’t reliably heat or cool their home and it is affecting their health

Careline can offer: An extreme heat sensor which detects abnormal temperatures, or a sudden rise or fall in temperature which could cause harm and creates an automatic call to our Control Centre.

Risk: Someone has complex needs - this may be dementia, a learning disability, a mobility issue or other need

Careline can offer: If someone has complex needs, our professional assessment team will visit them at home to determine which of our telecare solutions are the most appropriate. We also work with local authorities to support those living in their sheltered housing and independent living facilities.

Risk: Someone may not always get up in the morning, or may have limited movement throughout the day, or are worrying the family by not contacting them during the day

Careline can offer: Equipment which discreetly monitors a person’s daily activity or inactivity and alerts the family and our control room if there is an issue. There is also an ‘I’m OK’ button on the alarm unit that a person can press when the get up in the morning to discreetly indicate to the Control Room they are up and well for the day.

Risk: A person lives alone, and they and their family would like reassurance that they can call for help if they fall or feel unwell

Careline can offer: a community alarm and pendant button to summon help from our control room in an emergency or for reassurance.

Risk: A person or their live-in carer has difficulty hearing their smoke alarm, doorbell or telephone

Careline can offer: A smoke alarm with a vibrating pad linked to our control room that will activate when a fire has been detected - the smoke alarm will sound, strobe lights will flash, the pillow pad will vibrate and an alert is sent to us.

Risk: Someone is likely to fall getting up in the night to use the bathroom or when moving from a sitting position during the day

Careline can offer: Timed bed, floor and chair mats which will alert a family member, carer or the control room if a person was out of bed, or not back in bed, within a pre-set time – to ensure a person has returned to their chair, bed or room during the day or night.

Risk: A person has issues with incontinence

Careline can offer: Enuresis sensors which will alert someone if the wearer requires personal care.

Risk: Someone is vulnerable to distraction burglary or domestic abuse

Careline can offer: We can take action to safeguard vulnerable people from nefarious activity by installing cameras, panic buttons or arranging to silently listen in to alarm alerts and react accordingly if there is a concern for welfare at home.

Risk: Someone is forgetful and may water-damage their home

Careline can offer: A flood detector which is placed under the bath and / or sink and alerts the Control Room when it senses water.

To discuss how we can help manage risks in the home, call 0300 999 2 999 (option 1)

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