Posted: Thursday 25th April 2024
The UK phone network is currently being upgraded to a digital system, estimated to be completed by 2025 but some providers have made strong headway in the change in some regions already and aiming to complete by 2024. It is likely that analogue landline alarms will stop working when this happens, so if you haven’t heard from your telephone provider – like BT or Virgin yet – it might be wise to contact them for their timeline.

If you currently have an analogue alarm unit that works from your telephone line, this will likely stop working or be less reliable once your phone line is converted to the digital system. We therefore recommend that if you’re in the process of buying an alarm unit, that you choose a digital one so that you are prepared for the switchover and don’t have to change and get used to new equipment.

All Herts Careline alarms for new customers are digital as standard. And the bonus is they include all call costs so there are no hidden surprises on your telephone bill. It’s tempting to be swayed by the slightly cheaper prices of analogue systems, but you will have to switch eventually for a more reliable system. The digital alarm systems are slightly more expensive to cover the new technology, but they are faster, more secure, reliable, and future proof.

Please contact Herts Careline for more information if required.