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Refer a friend receive £10 voucher

Many of our customers recommend our services to friends and family. In recognition of this support, our Refer a Friend scheme will send you a £10 M&S voucher if the person you refer joins our service.Simply quote'FRIENDS15' to us via phone - 0300 999 2 999 - or email

Has a family member become more vulnerable? We can help.

During the pandemic, if you've noticed that a family member or neighbour has become more vulnerable, Herts Careline assistive technology equipment can help to manage a wide range of risks to a person in their home.Risk from falls, heating issues, the risk of fire, floods, wandering, seizures and a whole array of other issues, may have come to the fore recently and Careline may be able to provide a solution. More information can be found under our 'Risks in the home' section.

Today is #PurpleDay - Epilepsy Awareness Day

On #PurpleDay, the international awareness day for epilepsy, we want to make sure that we're doing all we can to share information about how our telecare service is making a difference to many young people and adults living with Epilepsy.Did you know that we can provide equipment to monitor and support young people and adults living with epilepsy? This can be at home or outside anytime time during the day and night.We have many years of experience providing epilepsy monitoring equipment to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy. We will carry out a bespoke assessment to establish the correct type of monitoring equipment suitable for the individual and will provide installation and training so that everyone fully understands how the equipment works. The equipment will be linked to a parent or carer's smart phone, so they are aware when a seizure is occurring. It can also be linked to our Control Room for 24/7 support in case the individual needs emergency help.

Living with a Bereavement

Living with a bereavement. When someone you love passes away, you may feel overwhelmed. This article from the UK Care Guide sets out some of the key issues that need to be handled when dealing with a bereavement and could also point you in the direction of people that can help you at this difficult time.Do take a look at their article. If you're worried about living on your own after a loved one passes away, or if you're worried about a family member or neighbour, they might find comfort knowing a community alarm can get them medical help if they needed it. We can talk you through the options available if you wish on 0300 999 2 999.

What is a telecare service?

Telecare, or assistive technology, includes sensors and detectors such as smoke alarms, fall detectors, flood detectors, door sensors, outdoor pendants, bed mats, complex needs smart sensors that all trigger automatically if they sense a risk or issue.The sensors and detectors are to a 24/7 Hertfordshire-based Control Room that will answer an alert for help and will arrange appropriate medical support very quickly. Find out more.

Where can I buy a pendant alarm in Herts?

Herts Careline provides community alarms emergency pendants for anyone living in Hertfordshire.
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