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Risks in the home - we can help

Herts Careline's assistive technology equipment can help to manage a wide range of risks to a person in the home.If you or someone you know is experiencing issues which affect their health and wellbeing, there are many ways we can help support their independence at home via discreet equipment.

Care watch service offers peace of mind, automatic health alerts and monitoring of wellbeing for your loved one

Herts Careline's Vivago Care Watch service can monitor a loved one's health and wellbeing so our control room can aim to alert both the wearer and the family to any changes or worries with certain aspects of their health before they become an issue. It also has an emergency alarm button to summon our help if needed.The care watch also monitors sleep pattern, daily activity, inactivity and body temperature amongst other factors to build up a picture of the person's health. Its intention is to spot and alert Herts Careline and family to anything untoward. For example, if the data from the watch show us that a person is less active or that their sleep is disturbed, there might be a medical issue we can discuss with them to determine the right medical attention they need, rather than let it get out of hand or lead to a future more serious health issue.

Leaseholder or Management Company permission form

Herts Careline can only install fixed (drilled / screwed into the wall) community alarm and telecare equipment in a property of a resident who owns the free hold of the property.This can include smoke alarms screwed into the ceiling or a key safe drilled into the outside wall.

Keep warm during winter – tips to help your comfort and health

Keep warm during winter – tips to help your comfort and healthThe temperature has dropped this week, so we want to make sure you're staying warm to help you prevent cold-related illnesses. So, please make sure you:

National Technology Day 2024

The 6th January is National Technology Day. It's an annual, national recognition of the way technology supports people, helps to shape the world, and also looks to the future development of technology.Technology is all around us and is integral to most areas of our lives and work. We use technology to keep us connected, healthy, and safe.Herts Careline strives to lead the way in developing technology services to keep members of the public safer and more independent in Hertfordshire and the further afield. Find out how we can support you or your family.

Join our expanding team of Careline Operators

Careline OperatorSalary: £12.84 per hour (plus any applicable enhancements)Hours: 22 and 22.43 average per weekContract: PermanentThe Careline Operator's principal task is to handle emergency and non-emergency calls from a diverse range of vulnerable people to include those that have a disability, mental health condition, memory issues or challenging behaviours. These customers can be linked to the Careline via an alarm system, motion sensors or through GPS devices which can be activated when they feel they require help, be it medical reasons or reassurance. All routine and emergency calls must be dealt with showing a good level of empathy and patience, along with being respectful, compassionate and sympathetic bringing calls to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly and effectively as possible.
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