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What is telecare?

What is assistive technology?Assistive technology, or telecare, includes sensors and detectors such as smoke alarms, fall detectors, flood detectors, door sensors, bed mats, complex needs smart sensors that all trigger automatically if they sense a risk or issue.The sensors and detectors are to a 24/7 Hertfordshire-based Control Room that will answer an alert for help and will arrange appropriate medical support very quickly. Find out more.

Where can I buy a community pendant alarm in Hertfordshire?

Where can I buy a community pendant alarm in Hertfordshire?Herts Careline provides community alarms emergency pendants for anyone living in Hertfordshire.You can apply online at or call 0300 999 2 999 and an application form can be sent to you in the post.

Silver Sunday – the national day for celebrating older people

On this Silver Sunday, we're disappointed not to be spending it marking the occasion at our usual events. With social distancing restrictions still in place, Silver Sunday is going to look very different nationwide this year, but of course our control room will still be here as usual supporting those who rely on us 24/7.

Fall Prevention Awareness Week

During Fall Prevention Awareness Week, we'd like to make you aware that Herts Careline uses a fall detector for many people across Hertfordshire who are prone to falls if living alone.Among older people, falls are a serious factor in causing injuries and hospital admissions. Falls can take a long time to recover from due to causing injury and having a knock-on effect to a person's confidence and independence.Herts Careline's fall detector service triggers automatically when it senses a stumble, trip or fall and dials straight through to our 24/7 control room to alert them that the person needs help.

How do we install a community alarm during a pandemic?

Adhering to Government guidance we are more than able to install a community alarm or telecare for you following these easy steps:

Herts Careline's telecare equipment helps Hertfordshire Mum

Blowing the myth that telecare is 'only for older people' out of the water, Herts Careline has been supporting a local mother to regain her independence and transform her life.
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