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The Vivago Care Watch System monitors your health and wellbeing so we can aim to alert you to any changes or worries with certain aspects of your health before they become an issue.

Please read here if you do not own the freehold to the property the equipment will be at as there's a permission form that will need to be completed.

Herts Careline aim to have your equipment set up within 10 working days, but this is often sooner, especially in certain situations. In some emergency cases (such as being discharged from hospital), we will try to install your care watch system within a few working days. The price is £30 per month (+VAT if applicable) for Hertfordshire residents. This includes all call costs, monitoring and intervention, plus access to the app to view your activity graph.

If you prefer to apply via the post, please call 0300 999 2 999 or email and we'll post you an application form.

Please visit the Living Safely website for the price and to apply if you live outside of Hertfordshire. Herts Careline will then provide a monitoring service once you have signed up with Living Safely.

How it works

The Care Watch monitors your health and wellbeing whilst you are wearing it, as well as doubling up as an emergency alarm button through to Herts Careline’s 24/7 control room. 

You wear the Care Watch as you would a normal watch and can press the button on it to alert us to a fall or medical emergency, as you would a traditional pendant. It comes with an alarm unit which connects to the watch wirelessly, and it is through this base alarm that the call operators will speak to you if you raise and alert for help.

Its intention is to spot and alert us to anything untoward. For example, if the data from the watch show us that you are less active or that your sleep is disturbed, there might be a medical issue medical issue we can discuss with you to determine the right medical attention you may need, rather than let it get out of hand or lead to a future more serious health issue.



Glenn Swanton

Read the case study and see Vivago in action



  • It has a press button to raise the alert for help from our 24/7 control room if you feel unwell or fall
  • It monitors your sleep pattern and alerts us to a decline in quality which might affect your mood and health.
  • It notices your usual daily activity and alerts us to any negative patterns.
  • It observes your body temperature to alert us if you get too hot or too cold which could signify a problem.
  • It learns to know your circadian rhythm – your usual night and day activity - to build up a picture of your natural daily and night-time cycle to alert us to any deterioration that we can support you with.